Getting the Best Divorce Advice for Men Possible

There are many articles on the internet that offer divorce advice for men. Most of these posts  contain simple everyday divorce tips. They mainly focus on measures that men can take to protect themselves when planning to dissolve a marriage.

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Below are eight things men should take into account regarding there future finance situation:

1. Documents:
Relocate important financial documents elsewhere such as to your attorney’s office or to friend’s house. You can anticipate that your future ex-wife will be going through your stuff looking for financial records as well as other evidence to use in her favor which could ruin your finances for years to come.

2. Bank Accounts:
Visit your bank, withdraw half of the funds available in your joint account, and then deposit your part into an account that is only in your name. Do not leave your kids without any money at all of course,  especially when you are the breadwinner. Formulate plans to cover the bills. Inform your wife of your actions, but not prior to doing it.

3. Stocks:
Call your stockbroker and split any mutual funds, bonds or stocks in both your wife and your name. Although this is not tax-exempted, you have to consider future taxes if you want to be just. Consequently, ask your broker to ensure equalization of the tax basis as well.

4. Credit Cards:
Close all joint loan or credit card accounts and inform the charge credit companies, banks  by way of a formal, return receipt letter that you are not liable for your wife’s expenses. This is also the best time to request the firm to reopen an account in your name.

5. Insurance:
Avoid dropping your spouse or children from your insurance policy until the conclusion of the divorce. This is the best advice on divorce for men you can ever obtain. You may also consider keeping your wife name on medical coverage policies even after the successful completion of your divorce. In case you are paying child support, the court can assess a huge unforeseen medical bill against the noncustodial parent as supplementary child support.

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6. Inventory:
Make an inventory of all things in the home. Take videos or pictures and tag each one of them. Be certain to date your records. Include jewelry, clothing, furnishings, furniture, appliances and clothing. Subsequently, you will realize when something valuable goes missing since you will have documented proof.

7. Secure Deposit Box:
You can set up a secure deposit box to amass your valuables outside the house. You will need to remove all your things and store them in a different place in case you already have a secure deposit box and your wife has access to it. Make an inventory or take a video or picture of all possessions in the box for later evidence.

8. Get a Lawyer:
Look for the best mens divorce advice. Locate a good family attorney and arrange for an appointment with him right away. In the preliminary meeting, you will need to obtain some excellent divorce advice for men. You will also be in a position to gauge the lawyer to observe if he or she is a good fit for you.

Your lawyer will most likely advise you not to sign anything prior to him or her reviewing it. Your lawyer should also inform you about other issues you will need to think about in the course of filing for a divorce, such as divorce rights for men, executing a new will as well as changing any authorities providing to another lawyer or person.

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Is There Really Life After Divorce for Men?

Ok, so your marriage didn’t work out. You’re not alone. Exactly how do men go on with their lives after a divorce? It seems that most self-help books are directed towards women, but life after divorce for men is an equally important topic. Aren’t men supposed to be able to handle their own problems? Probably no one mentioned it to you but there are support groups for divorced men. Let’s look at few of the things you can do to recover from your divorce and get your life back.

life after divorce for men

  1. Start by deciding that you are going to start taking care of yourself. Make a firm commitment. Your ex may have done most or all of the cooking before but it’s time you learned to cook a few basic meals for yourself. Restaurants are expensive and fast food meals are not only unhealthy but boring after a while. Get a cookbook and learn your way around the kitchen. Get a haircut. Shower and shave every day. Buy new cologne. Start jogging or going to the gym on a regular basis. When you know you look good you immediately start feeling better.
  2. Unless you and your ex-wife are best friend, try not to talk to her any more than is necessary. Casual conversations almost always erupt into arguments and since your marriage most likely had communication problems, what makes you think they will improve now? If you are shocked at the anger and bitterness your ex spews at you remember that divorce is hard on all parties involved. Count yourself lucky that you are ending a destructive relationship.
  3. Think before you put anything into writing whether it is emails, text, Facebook, Tweets, even an old fashioned letter. Things posted online or sent to a cell phone can be there forever. Even if you delete it, your message can be forwarded or copied before you have the chance to do so. Although it might make you feel better to get it all out or to reveal something embarrassing about your ex, these things can come back to haunt you. If you must, write everything down on paper, then rip it up or burn it. You will be glad later that you took the high road.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for their support. Remember, it’s ok to ask for help. Don’t make them a dumping ground for your anger or resentment but ask them to listen to you when you feel down or to help you when you need to talk to your children. Let your friends know that you value their help during this difficult time and that you want them in your life.
  5. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of drinking or drugging your pain away. An occasional bender with your friends now and then is normal but if you find that you’re are reaching for the bottle too often, seek professional help.
  6. If you are like most men, it was you who moved out of the family home. That doesn’t mean your new living arrangement has to be a typical bachelor pad studio apartment with nothing but beer and pizza in the fridge. How depressing! Make your space your own. Keep it comfortable but clean. Get a few easy to care for house plants, put your old high school, college, or bowling trophies on display, hang pictures of you and your children. It’s your castle, as they say; make it one fit for a king!
  7. Beware of rebound relationships. A good rule of thumb is to stay single (don’t even date) one month for every year you were married. Slow down and take a time out to let your emotions settle down and heal. Be sure you are over your old relationship before you even think about starting a new one. Relax, you have time on your side.
  8. Find support groups for divorced men in your city. You will be amazed how much better your will feel talking to other men in your same situation. There are also support groups online that deal with life after divorce for men, check out Facebook where there are several listed for men only. Think you can make it through this in one piece on your own? You are only kidding yourself. If you find you are having suicidal thoughts or other dark thoughts about harming yourself or others, go talk to your doctor or other health care professional right away. These thoughts are not manly, they are dangerous and you need help to deal with them.

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Divorce Tips for Men Georgia From Atlanta Divorce Lawyer

    Although no one likes to talk about divorce but the truth of the matter is that 50 per cent of those married will get a divorce according to a local Atlanta divorce lawyer. This may not be pleasant; however, when it happens you will find that you can’t have too much information. The state of Georgia has laws to try to make this situation as fair as possible to all parties involved and here are some tips you should know to make this difficult transition as easy as possible.

male divorce tactics

  1. Divorce in Georgia doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. When men are served with divorce papers they mistakenly assume that this is a lawsuit, it’s not. You also do not have to retain a lawyer and sue your wife. If you and your wife have been separated for a year or more, Georgia law allows for a no fault divorce meaning that it isn’t necessary to file grounds (a reason) for the divorce. If you and your soon to be ex are separated, are on good terms, and can come to an agreement about property and custody, you can do a divorce yourself. However, most parties can’t come to an agreement on their own and therefore find themselves in need of legal representation.
  2. In Georgia, marriage is nothing more than a legal contract. Divorce would mean that you are simply dissolving or breaking the contract. If you approach the matter in this way, and try not to look at it from a “who is the most injured party” view, the matter is simplified. Look at your pending divorce as a business deal and nothing more.
  3. You must be in constant contact and control of your divorce. When you take control you put the odds in your favor. Most men don’t want to think about the divorce process so they hire an attorney, then wait for their lawyer to contact them when they need something or when “it’s all over.” The problem with this strategy is that your lawyer is paid more the longer he drags this out. No matter how friendly and sympathetic your lawyer seems to you remember that he is there to make money, not help you find a settlement quickly. Whether you fare well in your divorce or you lose big time, he still gets paid! You need to talk with your lawyer about what his plan is for ending this as quickly as possible.
  4. The gender who files for divorce most often are women, not men. Women know that most divorce laws are on their side. If you think gender doesn’t matter remember this; if a man should talk sexy or dirty to a woman its sexual harassment. If a woman talks sexy or dirty to a man, it’s flirtation. (Or 3 dollars a minute!) Don’t expect that you will be treated fairly. As a man you need to use common sense. If you want to walk away from your wife, that’s fine, but don’t walk away from your assets, the house, and your children. Do not leave the house. Move to another bedroom, sleep on the sofa, makeover the basement as your domain, but don’t move out of the house until the divorce is final otherwise you are guaranteeing that your wife will get the house lock, stock, and barrel.
  5. Georgia law allows minor 14 and older to make the decision about which parent they choose to live with. Unless the court decides that one of you is not a fit parent in which case the court will decide what is in the child’s best interest. Stay involved with your children. ( this is much easier if you stay in the home) If you have little to do with your children it makes it much easier for your soon to be ex-wife to influence them and plant those little seeds against you.
  6. More than likely, you will end up paying some type of child support, as is most noted by local Atlanta divorce lawyer. Most men are more than happy to pay for their children but often end up wondering if their ex-wife’s new car or new clothes are from her new boyfriend or coming out of the child support payments. Have your attorney insist that a portion of your child support be set aside for the children’s educational needs. Have that portion be deposited directly into an education account in the children’s name each month. Then as that your ex-wife matches that same amount with her own money every month. This puts you in a good light and since this is a worthy cause, your ex-wife simply cannot object and still look like a caring mother.

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Information Regarding Divorce in Washington State

No one wants to think about divorce in Washington State, but the facts are that it still happens to 50 per cent of married couples. Men in particular seem to have a difficult time handling a divorce. Being forearmed with some of the facts about divorce laws in Washington, and how they can affect men, can help guide you through this difficult transition.

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  Although Washington is a community property state, things are not always necessarily divided 50-50. Washington divorce law uses the work “equitable” when deciding who gets what. There are several standards by which this will be determined such as the length of the relationship, the earning capacity of parties, age, and health are some of the factors. For example if your wife has not worked outside the home nor has she kept her work skills up to date because she was caring for your children, it’s not uncommon for the court to award her with up to 65 per cent of the community property assets. Don’t forget that assets you owned before the marriage will remain yours. Make a list of those in case it is needed at a later date.


  Some people erroneously believe that men are not allowed to receive alimony in Washington when they file for divorce. This is not the case. The law does not even use the term alimony; instead this is referred to as “spousal maintenance” and is meant to be gender neutral.  Our society still believes, however, that an able bodied man should work. Even a majority of men will refuse to ask for spousal maintenance, even when they deserve it, due to fear of what others will think or say about them. Don’t make this determination for yourself; a lawyer is the best person to help you with this point of law.

Common Law Marriage

  It’s amazing the number of people who believe those old Hollywood moves where we are told that if a man and his partner have been living together for X number of years that its’ the same as being married and everything is community property. There is no common law marriage in Washington when it comes to divorce, however, divorce laws do state that you can “add on” time you lived together before you were actually married. The law is complicated in this area and every case is unique, so for this issue you need legal counsel to determine if, in fact, you are in a “marriage like” relationship.

Custody Issues

  You should know that Washington law does not give minor age children the right to decide which parent they want to live with. In fact a judge in this state will not even listen to, nor will they consider any requests from a minor, not even a letter, not even if the child is 17 years old. The judge will appoint a guardian (known as GAL), not to relate the child’s wishes, but to determine what is in the child’s best interest. Although most couples work out their own parenting/visitation issues, sometimes this is not the case.

Domestic Violence

More and more women seem to believe that the best way to get the upper hand in a divorce is to file for a domestic violence restraining order. Men, no matter how angry your soon to be ex-wife may try to make you, do not fall into this trap. When it comes to divorce in Washington State, the law is very clear. Any harmful or aggressive touching or even the threat of harmful or aggressive touching is grounds for a restraining order. You don’t even have to touch her for your wife to claim that you are a potentially violent person. Punching a wall in another room? Throw something in her general direction? Yelling in her face?  Those actions are grounds for a domestic violence restraining order against you for one year. Do whatever it takes to calm yourself. Go for a walk in the rain, go to the gym, talk to a friend but don’t head down to your local bar, not even for one beer, or your wife can claim that you have a drinking problem. Don’t give your wife any ammo to use against you in court or reasons that could potentially affect the relationship and the time you will spend with your children.

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How to Win Child Custody

Child custody is one with a few strategic steps.  Each step in the process is quite important and every bit as important as the rest.  Winning custody of the child should never be what is best for the parent; it is always what is best for the child or children involved.  With each step of the journey from the start to the finish one needs to keep focus on how the child is made to feel rather than the end goal of winning custody as a whole.

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Contacting a Lawyer

Above all else, this is the most important step.  Not only will a lawyer show you how to win child custody, but will assist you in the next steps.  Since the laws are different in each state, doing self-research, while a great idea, can give you the wrong information which can lead to not winning custody.  Before you hire any attorney, you should research the track record of them.  A good lawyer will be able to do the job without smearing the spouse to make them look bad.  The goal is to win custody of the child because you can raise them the same or better, not to destroy the spouse; this can hurt the relationship between the spouse and the child.

Getting Financial Information Ready

Any judge that looks at who is better to take care of the child will look at who has the ability.  This step is critical to the case.  You may not need to be the parent with the most money; you do have to be able to care for you and the child.  Without this ability, the case will not go any further.

Getting Your Lease or Deed

Having a place to live is necessary, proving it is a need.  When you are going for custody of a child, you have to have a place to live.  This is just as important as the financial, and maybe even more.  The type of home needed can be different from state to state.  Some states have different rules about children being in the same room until a certain age, some have rules about different sexes of the children being in the same room, and other rules that are important to know.

Research the Judge

This is an important step, and one that is often overlooked.  Court documents are public information, and as such, anyone can look at them.  When you can see the record of accomplishment of the judge, you can also see if the judge favors one parent over the other.  You can see what the judge looks for and this will make you better prepared and give you a chance to have everything better prepared from the start.

Each state has their own laws on how to win child custody; you should consult your attorney before taking any further actions.  In most cases the child, if old enough, can be asked to testify to where they want to live.  This can be hard on the child and should only be done if absolutely needed.  If the trial can be done quickly, the child can have a seamless transition.  It is still going to be difficult for the child, especially if the child does not want to move.

Since there is more than one type of custody, you should look into which custody will be best.  If the spouse is a good parent, shared custody may work out best for the entire family.  If the reason is for abuse, there are other, better options that can keep the child safe.

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How To Fight Child Support

When minor children are involved in a divorce case, there is often much talk about financial obligation to the child, and how much child support the father should actually be paying. There are times when the father is made to pay more than he can financially afford, or the mother takes the father back to court to try to get more support when she feels that it is too low. If you want to know how to fight child support, how to fight it is different with each set of circumstances.

after male divorceHow Do I Fight Child Support?

The decision the court will make is always based on the best interest of the child, but also the interest of the parent who is responsible for paying child support as well. That being said we need to look at a few different situations that fighting the support order may be necessary.

  1. Your ex-spouse is asking for more money- This situation is often the easiest to fight off if there has not been a change in your income since you were first ordered to pay child support. If your ex-spouse is simply trying to drain you of money, this will not fly in the court. Make sure that you keep all your current tax information, as well as your paystubs, or proof of any income that you have. It is good to keep on hand at least three years’ worth at a time. This allows the court to go back over your past finances, as well as your current. If there are not any changes, not much fighting will need to be done; the case can often be dismissed without a lawyer.
  2. You have been ordered to may above your financial means- This can happen in cases where the children lead a certain lifestyle, and the location you reside in requires the child’s lifestyle not be interrupted at all. This type of situation will often require you to obtain legal counsel, because some areas have laws based on this idea, and you could find yourself fighting a losing battle without proper support. Your lawyer can put in a motion to reduce the child support, and will be able to help you succeed at doing so.
  3. You lost your current income, and can’t afford the amount ordered- If your income is lost, or reduced for any reason, you will need to file a motion with the court to have a hearing about reducing your child support until your income increases. You will not always need legal counsel for this, but it can be helpful if you are not sure how to go about the process. If you have managed to always pay what you were ordered to pay, the judge is more inclined to assist you in your motion, and grant you a reduction.

How Do I Fight Child Support In Cases Where I Am Behind?

There may come a time when you are not able to pay your child support at all, and if you did not motion the court for a reduction in child support, your back child support bill can become large in a short amount of time. You can lose your driver’s license, your wages can be garnished, and tax returns can be taken away. Once the bill has piled up you have no choice but to seek legal counsel, and motion the court for a payment plan. These situations often result in you paying an extra amount on top of your current support, and as long as it is a one-time occurrence, it will be able to be worked out without much issue.

You should never allow yourself to be stuck with an order you can’t financially handle, as soon as you know you can’t pay the amount ordered, you need to speak to somebody about getting the amount reduced. Trying to pay it can result in many legal issues that you will not be able to fight your way out of as easily.

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What Is Joint Custody

There are many terms thrown around during the divorce process, such as what is joint custody, and many times, you will have no idea what is being said, if you should be concerned, or if you can just let it go. When it comes to a divorce that involves children, almost everything you hear you will want to pay close attention to. Child support issues will be brought up, custody issues will be addressed, and what if any other obligations you may have to your children outside of traditional child support.

tips to get custodyThere are a few different types of custody you will want to be aware of, and educating yourself on what each type means will help you determine if you are satisfied with what has been suggested, or if you should ask for changes to be made. You will find yourself wondering what joint custody is, or if sole custody would be better. Take time to learn about each type of custody, and you will save yourself a lot of confusion later on.


Sole Custody

Sole custody is a situation where only one parent has sole custodial rights to their children. The ex-spouse will have visitation rights, but the primary residence of the children will be with one parent only. Most often, this decision is made if one parent just isn’t able to take on the commitment of having the children living with them for any bulk of time, but still want to see them on weekends, holidays, and various days of the week. This can also be the case if one of the parents is not fit to have too much alone time with the dependent children. In most cases of sole custody, the custodial parent can make decisions on behalf of the minor children without the consent of the non-custodial parent. Each circumstance is different.

Joint Custody

If you find yourself in a joint custody situation, you will want to know exactly what joint custody is. The situation for each divorce is different, but joint custody typically means that you and your ex-spouse will be taking on equal partnership in raising your dependent children. One scenario is that if you live in the same town as your ex-spouse, the two of you may decide to split the week up with the children. You will have them a few days in a row, and then they will stay with their mom the next few days. You will have equal financial responsibilities, and you will both make decisions together on what is best for your children. These cases often work best when you and your ex-spouse form a friendship, or make the decision to work well together for the sake of the children.

Birds Nest Custody

A bird nest custody is when there is a joint custody agreement, but instead of the children rotating back and forth from both parents’ homes, the parents rotate instead. The minor children will be able to reside at the same address, and at different points in the week or month, one parent will leave while the other parent comes to stay with the children. This situation is less common, but many parents agree upon this type of situation in order to do what is best for the minor children.

What joint custody is, and the other types of custody situations available mean something different to each family. If you are trying to keep the family unit together, even though you and your spouse can no longer be married, there are many beneficial ways to go about custody agreements to ensure that can happen. If you find yourself unsure of what is joint custody and what is best for the children, there are mediators available that will help you navigate your way through the custody process, and they will have your children’s best interests in mind.

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How To Lower Child Support

When you are going through a divorce that involves minor children, or children who are still in college, you can expect to have to pay child support. The support amount is determined based on several factors, and each factor may vary from location to location. If you find yourself in a situation that does not allow you to continue to pay the amount you have been asked to pay you may want to learn how to lower child support payments. This is actually something that is very common, especially in an economy that is ever changing. There may be other reasons you are choosing to have your payments lowered, but the process for each will still be the same.

divorce and child custodyDetermine if You Need a Lawyer

If your income has become significantly lower since your child support was ordered, you may not need an attorney to help you through this process. The clerk of courts in your area will be able to give you the paperwork needed to file for a motion to determine if your support can be lowered or not. If you find yourself in a situation where the judge is not budging on your support amount, you will need to seek legal counsel.

Gather Paperwork

No matter what your reason is for lowing your child support payment, the court is going to ask for proof of your reasoning, and you should have it readily available when that time comes. Gather paycheck stubs or proof of income, or lack thereof if that is the case. It will be on you to provide proof that you should not have to pay the amount ordered, so the more paperwork the better in cases like these.

Keep Paying

Do not stop paying the amount you are currently obligated to pay. The court will want to see consistency on your part, and if you fail to pay, it will not look good. You could be asked to pay back that amount, and then some. If you are awarded the reduction in payment in most cases, it will be retroactive back to the date you petitioned to have the modification done. If you maintained payment up until that point, it may be determined that you are ahead in your payments, and you can move forward paying the new amount.

When a court orders child support payments, it is typically based off the income of both parties. It also factors in who has the children more, what the children will need as far as medical insurance, dental insurance, school expenses, and much more. The support is supposed to help make it so that the children do not feel the financial strain when their parents’ divorce, and to ensure that the children are well taken care of. If at any point, you feel that your ex-spouse is making more than you are, and she can handle more of the financial burden than you can, you can motion for a discovery hearing. This hearing will involve her financial records being brought into court, as well as yours. The judge will go over the new findings, and will set up a support order that is fair to both parties at that time. If you both have equal time with the children, the judge may determine that you both are required to pay 50% of each expense that involves your children.

Knowing how to lower child support payments is something you should always be educated on, even if you are comfortable with the amount of support you have been ordered to pay, keep in mind that different circumstance can arise over the years, and you may at some point be able to pay more or less child support. Keep your financial records for at least three years, and keep all your documents in order. You never know when you may be called in and requested to pay more, and you will want to be prepared.

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Temporary Custody Order

After many years of marriage, shared finances, property, and even children, you find yourself in the middle of a divorce. Most often, the mom automatically takes the children with her once the split happens, but there are certain circumstances that may arise that will suggest that the father have custody of the minor children. When filing for custody it can take months, sometimes even years for a custody hearing to come to any sort of ways to win custody

If your children are in danger, or you feel that they will be better off living with you, you will need to file a motion for temporary custody. When a motion is filed for temporary custody is signals the court that a decision needs to be made in a timely manner. Learn how to properly file, and what to expect once you have filed by following along in this article.

Applying for Temporary Custody

Applying for the motion of temporary custody is as easy as going to your local family court, meeting with a clerk, and filing a motion. The clerk will advise you on how much it will cost to file your motion, and they will have a packet available for you to fill out. It is a straightforward packet, and typically does not require the assistance of a lawyer. The form will ask you why you feel the children need to be in your custody, and they will want details. Be as detailed as possible, and submit any documentation you have supporting your reasons behind why you chose to file for temporary custody. If you get confused, or you have filed for custody previously and lost, seek legal counsel to help you through the process.

File a Motion for Temporary Child Support

When filing for a motion of temporary custody you should also file a motion for temporary child support. This may be reserved for a later time if you feel your finances are adequate enough to support your children financially on your own, but be sure to keep the documentation you’ll need should you choose to file later.

What Happens Next

What happens next will be dependent upon your location, how far into the divorce process you are in, and if the child is in physical danger or not. Many orders can be signed off on without a court hearing at all. The judge can sign off on the temporary custody order, and then require a court date at a later time, or they may need further information and require you and the other parent to come in for a hearing. These types of hearings take very little time, and you can show up without a lawyer since they are typically less formal than other divorce hearings. If a judge signs off on the motion without requesting a hearing, you will receive a court date at a different time. Until that date, you will have custody of your children. Any changes to the motion that need to be made will be made at the next court hearing, and you may need to bring legal counsel at that time. This hearing will be set up to determine if the children should remain in your custody or be returned to the other parent.

Other than child support, who the children should live can keep a divorce case open for years. If possible, it is in the best interest of the children to seek legal counsel, possible mediation, and only choose to file for a temporary order in the event the child is in danger. Divorce cases are complicated enough, filing for temporary orders can cause more complications, and the result may not always be the desired one.

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Divorce for Men Only

male divorce tipsMen in Northern California, who are going through a divorce or case related to a previous divorce, can lean on Divorce for Men Only. You may not think you need a lawyer, and it is ideal to handle divorce situations in a civil manner, but there are often times that you will need a lawyer. Determining if you need lawyer is the first step in making sure the situation does not escalate beyond your control.

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How do I determine if I need a lawyer?

It is suggested that men seek counsel as soon as they know divorce is their only option or as soon as they have been served with divorce papers. They know that you may not need a lawyer, but paying for an hour consult is often the difference between a situation getting out of control, and resolving issues without much conflict. If you have children involved, having a lawyer on your side can be your best defense in ensuring that you have proper visitation, custody, and that you are not forced in to paying more than your fair share of alimony or child support.  Having somebody that is on your side, without a biased opinion, is beneficial during divorce proceedings.

Why Hire Divorce For Men Only?

Once you decide to hire a lawyer, you will need to determine which one to hire. Many lawyers specialize in family law, but only a few have dedicated their practice to serving only men. Neil Holmes and Cliff Moore have been serving men in the Northern California area for over 27 years. Holmes has been a special guest on many syndicated talk shows, and served as a judge in both Contra Costa and Solano County Courts. Moore graduated with a Masters in law, and served as Judge Pro for the Superior Courts. Their combined experience, and dedication to men’s rights helps them stand out above most law firms in the area. They believe that in an hour consultation that you will be able to determine they are the best for the job, and if you do not need an attorney for your case, but you want advice, they believe one hour with them will help you determine that as well.

What is the Philosophy of This Law Group?

You may find that you personally like both of these people, but if they do not offer what you need in a lawyer, you may find yourself back to square one. It is important that your lawyer believe in the same values as you do or your court cases can become messy and confusing. Both attorneys believe in working through simple problems with the party as quickly as possible. They believe in respecting you and your ex-spouse. They do not sugarcoat the process, and will be up front with you about the probable outcome as accurately as they can during your first consultation. They want you to be comfortable with them, and are completely up front about the financial aspect of them representing you so that you can properly prepare yourself for the expenses. They take pride in their relationships with their clients; understanding the emotional toll a divorce can have on a man, and being there to walk them through the process.

Contacting the Firm

Choosing this law firm is a step in the right direction for many men facing divorce. Divorce For Men Only has made it easy to contact them or to set up appointments. Their location in Walnut Creek, CA serves as their main office, and they can be reached by calling (925)-933-2422. Their support staff can help set up a time for your first consult in a matter of minutes.

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Do I Have To Pay Child Support

how is child support calculatedGoing through a divorce is hard enough, but when you have children involved, it can become even more complicated. If you children are minors you may already be asking, “Do I have to pay child support?” While that is a straightforward question, the answer is not. To determine if you have to pay child support there are many factors to consider.

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Are You the Biological Father?

If your spouse already had children before you were married then there is a good chance you will not have to pay child support. Alimony is a topic that may arise in events like these. There are some instances when an extra martial affair has taken place, and a child was conceived during the affair. Should your spouse have had an affair that resulted in a child that is not yours, you will not be legally responsible for the child. However, you may have to request a paternity test from the court to determine that you are in fact no the father. If you legally adopted your spouse’s children during your marriage, then you may be looking at paying child support. That will have to be determined by the court, but the court will view you as the father who has legal responsibilities to the children.

What if I Share Custody?

The first question many fathers ask during a shared custody agreement is, “Do I have to pay child support?” Which is a very valid question because sharing custody is typically a 50/50 split of time with the children, as well as financial responsibility. Various circumstances may require you to pay child support even with a shared custody agreement. If your ex-spouse does not have a job or your income is significantly higher than theirs is, chances are good that the court will order you to pay child support.

How Much Child Support will I Have to Pay?

There are several factors that help determine how much child support you will be obligated to pay. One major determining factor is the state you live in. Some states will require you to pay a set amount even if you do not have an income. Other states will not allow any part of the child’s lifestyle be interrupted just because their parents are separating. If this is the case they will determine what kind of lifestyle the child had, and they will base the amount off this. If your family went on several vacations a year, the children were part of sports teams or other activities, have daycare expenses, or ongoing medical care, you can expect to have to pay enough to the primary custodial parent to allow them to keep this lifestyle available to your children. Each state has a formula that will determine exact amounts. You will be required to present the court with all of your financial documents; this includes money you may have acquired after your separation.

If you had children during your marriage, it is almost guaranteed you will be financially responsible for the child, even after the divorce. You are required to pay child support until the minor turns 18 and in some cases until they graduate college. Your divorce documents will state how much, how often, and for how long. There are some circumstances where the amount can be contested. If you fall on hard times you are able to petition the court to determine a new amount. However, if the opposite happens and you come into extra money, your ex-spouse has the right to petition the court for additional support. It is important that you know your rights every step of the way, and when in doubt seek legal counsel for a smoother process.

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