There are many articles on the internet that offer divorce advice for men. Most of these posts  contain simple everyday divorce tips. They mainly focus on measures that men can take to protect themselves when planning to dissolve a marriage.

Below are eight things men should take into account regarding there future finance situation:

1. Documents:
Relocate important financial documents elsewhere such as to your attorney’s office or to friend’s house. You can anticipate that your future ex-wife will be going through your stuff looking for financial records as well as other evidence to use in her favor which could ruin your finances for years to come.

2. Bank Accounts:
Visit your bank, withdraw half of the funds available in your joint account, and then deposit your part into an account that is only in your name. Do not leave your kids without any money at all of course,  especially when you are the breadwinner. Formulate plans to cover the bills. Inform your wife of your actions, but not prior to doing it.

3. Stocks:
Call your stockbroker and split any mutual funds, bonds or stocks in both your wife and your name. Although this is not tax-exempted, you have to consider future taxes if you want to be just. Consequently, ask your broker to ensure equalization of the tax basis as well.

4. Credit Cards:
Close all joint loan or credit card accounts and inform the charge credit companies, banks  by way of a formal, return receipt letter that you are not liable for your wife’s expenses. This is also the best time to request the firm to reopen an account in your name.

5. Insurance:
Avoid dropping your spouse or children from your insurance policy until the conclusion of the divorce. This is the best advice on divorce for men you can ever obtain. You may also consider keeping your wife name on medical coverage policies even after the successful completion of your divorce. In case you are paying child support, the court can assess a huge unforeseen medical bill against the noncustodial parent as supplementary child support.

6. Inventory:
Make an inventory of all things in the home. Take videos or pictures and tag each one of them. Be certain to date your records. Include jewelry, clothing, furnishings, furniture, appliances and clothing. Subsequently, you will realize when something valuable goes missing since you will have documented proof.

7. Secure Deposit Box:
You can set up a secure deposit box to amass your valuables outside the house. You will need to remove all your things and store them in a different place in case you already have a secure deposit box and your wife has access to it. Make an inventory or take a video or picture of all possessions in the box for later evidence.

8. Get a Lawyer:
Look for the best mens divorce advice. Locate a good family attorney and arrange for an appointment with him right away. In the preliminary meeting, you will need to obtain some excellent divorce advice for men. You will also be in a position to gauge the lawyer to observe if he or she is a good fit for you.

Your lawyer will most likely advise you not to sign anything prior to him or her reviewing it. Your lawyer should also inform you about other issues you will need to think about in the course of filing for a divorce, such as divorce rights for men, executing a new will as well as changing any authorities providing to another lawyer or person.

It was a painful decision, but you have decided that your marriage cannot be saved. You have decided that you need to divorce your wife. This is not something that happens overnight. You cannot just walk out of the house and pick up a new spouse. There are steps and procedures that must be followed. These steps do vary based on the state you live in. You should consult a competent divorce attorney to make sure you follow the correct procedures. This post will give you general guidelines about how to divorce your wife.

Talk to a marriage counselor.

Before you file for divorce, make sure to talk to a marriage counselor. You never know what solutions the counselor can come up with that you never even considered. Sometimes you just need an objective bystander looking at your marriage. Even if you cannot come to an arrangement that will save your marriage, the counselor may have some referrals to attorneys or mediators for you.

bad marriage

Talk to an attorney.

Once you decide to get a divorce, you need to talk to an attorney. It is wise to have an attorney to represent your best interests. Make sure you get referrals and check the attorney’s references. Talk to previous clients so you can see if this is someone you feel comfortable working with. Do not hire the first attorney you talk to. Take your time finding the right attorney to that really knows how to divorce your wife.

Decide on the type of divorce you want.

There are different types of divorces that you can get. The type of divorce you get depends on what is involved in the marriage. Another factor that can determine what type of divorce you get is how long you have been married. Another factor is how much in assets is involved in the marriage. In addition, whether or not kids are involved will help determine what type of divorce you get. Consult an attorney to find out which type of divorce will work the best for your situation.

Make sure the case is filed in the proper jurisdiction.

When you file your case, make sure it is filed in the proper county. You can file it in the county that you live in or the county your spouse lives in. Check with your attorney to find out what the rules are for your state.

Discuss how you are going to divide property.

If there is no existing prenuptial agreement, you need to talk about how you are going to divide any property that you have accumulated over the years. This includes money. You may need to use an arbitrator to help you and your spouse come to an agreement on this part of the proceedings. Money is an emotional topic for most people. It can be easy to be illogical when it comes to deciding how property and money gets split up.

Decide what is going to be done about child support.

If there are children involved in the relationship, you need to discuss how the children are going to be cared for after the divorce. Visitation rights need to be discussed during this time. Custody arrangements need to be ironed out. You and your spouse need to come to a clear agreement that will be in the best interests of the children.

The decision to divorce your spouse is not one that you should go into lightly. Do not divorce your spouse just because you are mad at her or she gained some weight. If you are going to divorce your spouse, make sure that there is really no option that can save your marriage. Divorcing your spouse can have permanent negative effects on your family.


Adultery is a very ugly thing. It does not matter if you are the one that got caught cheating or if you are the one that got cheated on, adultery leaves a bunch of shattered lives behind. If you are already in the middle of a divorce, adultery can add a new wrinkle to the divorce proceedings depending on what state you live in. Adultery can cause the spouse that got cheated on to ask for more money than they were going to originally ask for.

How does adultery affect child custody cases?

This varies depending on the state you live in. Generally, adultery does not affect child custody disputes. The only way this can impact a judge’s ruling is if the affair put the child in harm’s way. Also if you participated in the affair in front of the child, that could affect the court’s custody decision. When it comes to child custody, the only thing the judge is supposed to look at is what is in the child’s best interest.

how does adultery affect your divorceHow does adultery affect child support rulings?

Usually adultery does not affect child support rulings. You should check with your attorney about this. The logic here is that the child did not cheat on anyone so they child should not suffer because of the adults infidelity.

How Does Adultery Affect Divorce with A Prenup Agreement?

This depends on the terms of the prenuptial agreement. Some prenuptial agreements have a clause where the person that cheated is supposed to pay the person they cheated on a certain amount of money. If no clause like this exists, the adultery does not invalidate the prenup agreement.

Does adultery affect alimony payments?

Again, this depends on the state, most of the times adultery does not affect alimony payments. You have to make sure to check with your attorney about this. Alimony payments are usually determined by factors such as the length of the marriage, the hardships that each spouse would suffer, and the financial standings of each spouse. Courts also take into consideration the employability of the spouse that left the workforce to care for children. If they feel like a spouse will not be able to find work because they stayed home with kids, courts will usually award some type of alimony to that individual. Most of the time adultery is not factored into this equation.

Does adultery affect spousal support requests?

Again, the specifics on this vary according to the state you live in. Generally, spousal support requests are not denied because of adultery. Spousal support is similar to alimony. Factors such as need, marital lifestyle, health, and differences in income are considered when spousal support requests are considered. The purpose of spousal support is to acknowledge the contributions to the marriage made by the person receiving spousal support. The goal of spousal support is to help that spouse achieve financial independence. The only way adultery can affect spousal support is if the relationship looks like a marriage. If you and that other person are living together, that could cause your spousal support arrangement to be terminated.

It is an unfortunate fact that infidelity occurs often in marriages. People feel betrayed and hurt when this happens.  Adultery also affects the children in the relationship. They learn not to trust people. Some children grow up believing that affairs are normal and staying loyal to your spouse is impossible. If you have an affair during a divorce, it could affect your divorce proceedings negatively. These consequences vary depending on your state. Please ask an attorney about your specific case.

Divorce is never something anyone wants to go through. Divorce brings out the ugly in everyone. However, there are some times when there is no other alternative. Some things are so unforgivable that the only solution is a divorce. If you are a resident of Orange County, you want to make sure you get an attorney that will protect your rights. You want to get a good Orange County divorce attorney to look out for your interests.  This will show the best tips for selecting an Orange County divorce attorney, when to hire an attorney, and what to look for when you are trying to find an attorney.

finding a good attorney that specializes in divorce in orange countyWhy You Should Use An Attorney

Your family attorney cannot really be neutral.  You may think that you can use the attorney that has been in your family for years. That will not work in this case. Your family attorney will be loyal to both you and your spouse. Your family attorney will have a major conflict of interest in this case. You need to get best tips for selecting an Orange County divorce attorney so you can make sure that attorney is only concerned with what is beneficial for you.

If your spouse has an attorney, you need an attorney.

It has been said that a lawyer that has himself for a client has a fool for a client. If your spouse has already secured the services of a lawyer, then you should definitely get an attorney for yourself. It could be very intimidating to go up against a seasoned pro when you are going through divorce proceedings.

You Should Hire An Attorney If You Have Been Abused

If you are the victim of abuse, you should hire an attorney. If you have an attorney, you will not need to reveal your address to your spouse. All communications between you and your spouse will be through your attorney. An attorney will not be intimidated by your spouse’s threats or swayed by your spouse’s apologies.

What To Look For When You Hire A Divorce Attorney

You need an attorney that will do things according to your agenda.

Some attorneys come into a case with their own agenda. Maybe you want the divorce to end well. Maybe the attorney wants to be more aggressive than you would like. You need to make sure that the attorney you choose is on the same page as you are.

Check references.

Before you hire any attorney, ask for references. Ask your friends and neighbors if they can recommend a competent attorney. You want to make sure the attorney you are dealing with can represent you professionally.

Check how accessible the attorney is.

One thing people complain about is attorneys not being around when they have a question about their case. You should ask former clients how the attorney communicated with them. You need to find out how prompt the attorney was about returning phone calls and requests for meetings.

Find out about the attorney’s experience.

You want to make sure you have an experienced divorce attorney. An experienced divorce attorney knows what to expect from the judge that will be handling your case. You want to make sure the attorney you pick specializes in divorce law.

Going through a divorce is a painful experience. You do not want to have financial issues to add to having recently gone through a divorce. If you do not have a competent attorney, that’s exactly what can happen. Take your time and look for the attorney that you feel will represent you the best. Make sure you feel comfortable with the attorney. If you do not feel comfortable with the attorney, you will always second guess the attorney’s decision.


So you have finally accepted that forever is not as long as you thought it was. You are going through a divorce from your spouse. You may be eager to get on with the next phase of your life. You may want to date to take your mind off the endless court appearances and meetings with lawyers and counselors. You may want to numb yourself from the sadness you may be feeling about the relationship ending. Before you rush into finding someone new, the best tips for dating during divorce should be considered. This goes double if you have kids involved in this. You have to balance your needs with what is best for your children. Read the rest of this post to find out what you should think about before you start dating again.

should you date during a divorce if so how to do it correctly and not get caught

Have you truly gotten over your ex?

Before you start a new relationship, you have to do some soul searching. You have to make sure that you are over your ex-partner before you start a new relationship. You do not want to punish the person in the new relationship for things that the person in the previous relationship did. It is not right for someone to suffer for things they did not do. While it is normal to compare the new relationship to the old relationship, no one wants to hear that. If your last relationship was so great, you would still be in that relationship.

Will you really have time for your new love interest?

Being a single dad is a rough job. You will not have anyone around to help you like you did when you were married. The demands on your time will be significantly different now that you are a single parent. Before you jump into a new relationship, you need to make sure that you will have enough time to spend with your new love interest. You should explain your situation to your new love interest right away. Some people are not mature enough to handle not being the focal point of the person they are dating.

How involved do you plan to be with your kids?

If there are kids involved, you have to consider the time you spend with the kids. That will take away from time you spend with your new partner. This could cause resentment in the new relationship. In addition, this involvement with the kids could cause you to have to spend lots of time with your ex-spouse. This could also cause your significant other to worry about you trying to get back with your ex-spouse.

When should you introduce your new significant other to your kids?

This is a tough decision. There is not a hard and fast rule to this. You do want to be careful because kids attach to people quickly. I would say the best tips for dating during divorce is to wait until you are sure this person will be around for a while before you introduce a new romantic interest. You should also discuss the fact that you will be dating with your children. This will help them prepare the kids for dealing with your significant other. Do not introduce someone to your kids if you know you only plan on seeing this person once or twice.

Going through a divorce can be a trying experience for anyone. It is tempting to jump right into another relationship as soon as your divorce is over. You do not want to be alone. Take some time and take stock of your personal situation before you jump into a new relationship. Use the tips given in this post to make the transition to being single a little easier.


You and your spouse have reached a bad point in your marriage. You two have decided that there is no way the relationship can continue going on the way it has been going on. You are separated. Perhaps you guys are in courts fighting about money. Perhaps you and your spouse cannot seem to come up with a custody agreement you both can live with. Perhaps your state makes you stay separated for a certain amount of time before your divorce can be considered official. For whatever reason, your divorce is not official yet. If you wish to date while you are separated, for best practices for dating while separated there are some things you have to do differently since you are still legally married to your spouse.

finding a date while you are just separatedBe up front about your situation.

The first thing you need to do is let the person you are interested in dating know what is going on. You need to let them know that you are going through a divorce. Let them know that your divorce is not final and you are still legally married to your spouse. It is only fair to let your potential new love interest know that you are not 100% available yet. You should give this person the option of waiting until you are 100% available to date. You definitely do not want to start a new relationship under false pretenses. It is hard to build trust if your relationship starts with a lie.

Do not keep secrets from your potential new significant other.

If this person decides to keep dating you, you need to be very honest at all times. This person will always think that you are going out with your soon to be ex-spouse. Any time you are late coming home, your new significant other will think you are on a date with your almost ex-spouse. Tell your current love interest everything. Let that person know your complete schedule. This person is putting a great deal of trust in you. Do not make your new partner regret that decision.

Do not lead the new person on.

Sometimes marriages are repaired. If you are secretly trying to get back with your spouse, you should not be trying to date other people. If you are trying to get back with your spouse, then you should focus your attention on that. Dating takes away attention from anything else you are doing. You should not string your new love interest along. Your new love interest deserves someone that is loyal to them. The best practices for dating while separated your new partner should not be kept in the dark about where they stand with you.

Consider the legal ramifications of doing this.

If you start dating before your divorce is final, it could have legal risks. You could wind up paying your spouse more money if you are dating before the divorce is final. Different states have different rules about this. You should always consult your attorney before you make decisions that could affect the divorce proceedings. Some states allow the new boyfriend or girlfriend to be sued by the current spouse. You have to be careful. If you wish to date before the divorce is final, you and your partner may have to come to an agreement that will allow you to date without any bad things happening.

Dating while separated is a tricky thing to do. You are sort of in limbo. You are not single or married. You have to tread lightly in this type of situation. You can date while you are separated. You just have to make a plan and you have to communicate your situation with the people you are dating.